Phoenix-native Melissa Zimmer has been on the move for most of her 15 year career.  This constant change within her environment has really helped her evolve into the tattoo artist that she is today.  Her grandmother was her cornerstone throughout her childhood and with a passion for painting, she helped teach her not only the importance of artistic self-expression but how to translate it to paper and canvas using various mediums.  In 2004, it seemed only natural that Melissa extended her creative abilities with a career in the tattoo industry.

Whether it is realism, neo-traditional, old school or black & grey, her ability to execute professional and original work keeps clients coming back time and time again.  Her versatility is second to none and her competitive nature drives her to do the best work possible. When she is not tattooing the masses, she somehow finds the time to display at art shows, donate artwork to non-profit organizations, complete commercial painting projects and spend quality time with her husband and two children.  For Melissa, every line, art piece and project is made only with the labor of love and it shows.

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